Pitch & Brew is a creative way to get feedback on your entrepreneurial idea or gain new insights on the challenges you are facing from the innovative thinkers around you. All you need to do is come prepared with a 2-minute “pitch” which will be presented to and “brewed” upon by a small group of fellow entrepreneurs and organizations that may provide resources to assist you. The “brewing” period follows and is time dedicated to only you – others in the group will ask you questions, give advice, poke holes and help make connections.

Once your turn is over, you will then get the chance to provide feedback to others in the same way, thus completing the circle of positive vibes, collaboration and community-building.

The Pitch & Brew sessions are a great way to get the conversation started. If you have business cards – bring 'em! The conversation may start at Cultivate Lancaster, but it doesn't need to end there...